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TERAKOP Ltd.  - research, processing and production of limestone for construction and industry                         e-mail:info@terakop.ba

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Built roads, bridges, buildings, hospitals, schools, railways - lime, soda, lime fleur, sugar, glass - processed limestone from Terakop Ltd. is making all that possible. We are truly making better future possible with our crushed limestone and other products our partners are producing using our limestone.


TERAKOP Ltd. is researching and processing limestone for production of all types of crushed limestone for construction and industry. Our products are used throughout north-east Bosnia and even further for production of concrete and asphalt, building bearing layers for roads and railways, building drainage systems, production of lime, fertilizers, soda, sugar, etc. We are producing high quality limestone with over 96% of calcium-carbonate (CaCO3) and we are first non-state owned company that signed concession contract for limestone exploitation in Tuzla canton.


Our goal is to become one of the leading crushed limestone producers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. While heading for our main goal, we are creating added values for all interest groups connected to our company, for more than 10 years since founding.

About us

Main activities:

- crushed limestone

- road construction



Gračanica bb

75270 Živinice

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Phone/fax - office:

+387 (0) 35 764 000


Phone/fax - sales:

+387 (0) 35 764 687



e-mail:  info@terakop.ba

web:      www.terakop.ba



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VAT Nr:      209339500003

Registered at: 1-9779

 Općinski Sud u Tuzli



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