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We are producing various types of crushed limestone. Best known products on the market are crushed limestone for high quality concrete and asphalt production. Our quarry has respectful stock of limestone and we are prepared for further development and satisfying local market demand.









Asphalt and concrete limestone

Our products of this type completely fulfill all quality standards for various uses in all construction types. With well know quality of our limestone, we have achieved reasonable market share in concrete and asphalt production in Tuzla region.


Crushed limestone 0-32 mm and 0-60 mm - "tampon materials"

So called tampon limestone from our production is used for bearing layers building in road construction.


Crushed limestone 30-60 mm

This type of material is used for bearing layer building in railway construction and for drainage systems construction. During last 10 years, almost every railway in Tuzla canton is reconstructed with use of our products.


Crushed limestone 50-150 mm

These products are also used for drainage systems, but main usage is in production of lime, lime flour, fertilizers, industry and ordinary soda, etc.


Mixed products for concrete production

We also offer mixed crushed limestone, ready for manual concrete production, products in range from 0-8 mm to 0-32 mm.


"Raw limestone"

Besides all above mentioned products that we sell from our crushed limestone production, we also offer raw, mined limestone straight from out quarry, with dimensions up to 600 mm and even bigger. Also, we offer clean, manually separated limestone (200-400 mm) for special construction usage.


TERAKOP Ltd.  - research, processing and production of limestone for construction and industry               

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Main activities:

- crushed limestone

- road construction



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